Ship Your Gear To The Lodge:

15 West Fork
Elk Creek Rd.
Heron, MT 59844

Mail Deposit To:

Elk Creek Outfitting
255 Elk Creek Rd.
Heron, MT 59844

General Mailing Address:

Elk Creek Outfitting
255 Elk Creek Rd.
Heron, MT 59844

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Get Archery Stamp online. If you can’t you can get them here at the local store. Bring old stamp for proof.



Meat Cutting is available. Approximate cost for Elk $300-400 and Approximate cost for a Deer is $125-130.



Meat can be air shipped – average cost is $800 – $1000 Next Day Air, or the meat can be frozen and taken home on a plane or in a truck. We have Airport boxes available.



If you want to mail equipment out to the Lodge prior to your hunt. Please mail to: 15 W Fork Elk Creek Rd, Heron, MT 59844. We mail Home also..



Driving or Flying. If flying – Are we picking you up at the Airport or Hotel, please let us know.



Try to get Bear Tag online before arrival, or you can purchase here and have to wait a day before you can hunt. You will need to take the Bear Identity Test online. Call 1-866-449-3468 for help.



We provide Non-Alcoholic Beverages. If you want beer or alcohol, you will need to bring your own.



Most Hunting is done between 4,000 – 5,000 feet



Rifle Hunters need and Orange Vest not an Orange Hat.



Boots – Archery Season – Light weight hiker, soft rubber on sole will hold better. Rifle Season we recommend Schnee Boots (Style Hunter II) or comparable – soft rubber sole, will hold better.



Very quiet clothing for both Archery and Rifle Hunting.



Light rain coat for both Archery and Rifle.



Rifle we recommend : 300 Winchester Mag., 7mm Mag, 338mag, or comparable.



We do some Tree Stand and Ground Blind hunting.



Check with your Airline to see if you have to “Lock Up” your bullets. Each Airline is different



NO Electronic Sites on the Bows.



All linens and towels provided.



Most often your Group will have their own private cabin.



To and From Airport Travel is provided, Return trips to the Airport leave the Lodge between



Arriving Airport Travelers will be picked up around noon Mountain Time.



Hotel Travelers will be picked up between 10am – 11am Mountain Time.



We do have a Rifle & Archery Range at the Lodge



Rifle Hunters bring around 2 boxes of shells



Archery Shops are near by if you need one.



You need fixed broad heads for Elk, Please NO Mechanical Broad heads.